Central Heating Dunedin

Central heating is a system that utilises a centrally located boiler , furnace or Ducted Heat-pump system to produce heat, which is then distributed throughout the building through ducts or pipes. Piped, or hydronic, central heating involves heating water in a closed loop system, and circulating it around various points in the building, usually through radiators which heat the rooms they are in.

Ducted central heating takes the heated air from the Ducted Heat Pump or furnace and distributes it throughout the house through a series of ducts, which can either be housed in the ceiling space or at floor level.

Davies have been installing, servicing and repairing boilers throughout Dunedin and Otago for over 100 years, and are familiar with a wide range of boilers, furnaces, and central heating systems. All of our work is carried out by one of our certified HVAC engineers, and we carry spare parts for older systems, as well as more recent models.