With over 100 years in operation, Davies has long been Dunedin’s most trusted supplier of residential heating services, specialising in central and in-floor heating, as well as heat pumps and home ventilation systems. When it comes to service, quality and performance, Davies has Dunedin covered.

Not that long ago, most houses relied on a fireplace to heat their home, and while fires are great for creating atmosphere, they’re not very effective at heating large spaces. Luckily, rapid advancement in heat pump technology has created stress-free, reliable heating solutions that generate high heat for low cost. With a relationship stretching back over 25 years, Davies Heat ‘n’ Cool are proud to supply, install, and service the best heat pumps on the market for quality, reliability, and cold climate performance: Daikin.

Daikin’s latest release is the Daikin R32 Refrigerant high-wall units: the Cora and the Zena models feature improved efficiency with up to 7 star energy efficiency rating on selected units, and a range of advanced features available such as air purification and Humidity Control. Built in features on all R32 units include motion sensors and hot start, as well as optional WiFi control. The new R32 refrigerant units give improved performance and efficiency, and are also a more environmentally conscious choice than units using older refrigerants.

Daikin’s latest floor mounted heat pump, the Prefera, is a heat pump with a front panel built in for radiant comfort, and is the first of its kind in the world. Daikin’s floor mount heat pumps and high-wall units are legendary for their performance in Otago’s bitter winters. Davies staff are fully trained to accurately assess each individual home’s heating requirements. They determine the correct heat pump unit for optimum results, and install it safely and expertly. With the latest range of Daikin heat pumps, Davies Heat ‘n’ Cool offers Dunedin the best heat pumps at the best prices – come see us today to find out what we can do for you.

The Davies-Daikin Connection

Daikin heat pumps are world renowned for their operating efficiency, and reliability in cold climates. Daikin are also a leader in after-sales service, and Davies are proud to have been selling and installing Daikin products for over two decades. We can install and service single systems, multi systems, ducted heat pumps and hot water heat pumps in residential homes, as well as large, multi-unit VRV systems in commercial buildings.

We know how cold it can get down here in Dunedin, which is why we understand the importance of having efficient and effective heating to keep you warm through the winter.

As a registered dealer with a relationship stretching back more than 25 years, Davies is proud to supply and install the most efficient and high performing heat pumps on the market: Daikin.

With a broad range of Daikin products, you can trust Davies to find the right heat pump to fit your home’s needs, and your individual tastes.

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Generally found in new builds, a hydronic in-floor system involves laying a network of pipes underneath a screen, onto which concrete is poured to create the slab base for the house. A fluid mixture of water and anti-freeze is then heated by a central unit using either a Hot Water Heat Pump, Diesel or Gas Boiler and circulated around the house, producing a radiant heat that rises through the concrete slab and into the room. Although it can initially be expensive to install, in-floor heating is much more efficient than other heating methods, and provides a stable, uniform heat throughout a room, unlike other types of heating which can often produce cold spots or make the room feel stuffy.

In-floor heating is also very low maintenance, and can provide a substantial return on your investment through the savings it generates. Another benefit of in-floor heating is that it does not take up wall space like radiators do, and the lack of circulating air flow minimises the amount of dust present in the air. In-floor heating also improves indoor air quality as it does not dry the air out or circulate dust and other allergens throughout the home.

Daikin Altherma Hot Water Heat Pump System for In-floor Central Heating: These systems are extremely popular and increasing in demand by the day due to the performance of the equipment and Daikin’s high quality. These systems also offer low running costs for the heating of the whole home and the hot water cylinder, along with a full five year parts and labour warranty for added peace of mind.

Daikin Altherma hot water heat pump heating systems are the latest in-floor heating system that will heat both the in-floor heating system and the hot water cylinder for the home. These are extremely popular in New Builds and the Daikin systems are renowned for superior cold climate performance , quality and reliability.

The quality, reliability, and performance of the Daikin Altherma system is incomparable to anything else on the market, and Davies possess years of experience with installing in-floor heating systems of this kind.

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Daikin Ducted Heat Pump Central Heating: Ducted heat pumps are the most popular central systems used in homes, as they have the added advantage of being cheaper to install than radiators and in-floor heating. Daikin’s ducted systems have high efficiencies, superior cold climate performance, and features to suit any application. These systems are very popular in new homes and commercial buildings, and ducting can be run either in the ceiling space to ceiling outlet grilles, or under the floor to floor grilles, in a range of designs to suit. Heat pump powered, hot water in-floor heating systems are also growing quickly in popularity due to the comfort they deliver.


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Approved by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ, Daikin Air Purifiers are recognised by the Sensitive Choice program, improving the quality of your air indoors with its advanced 6-layer filtration technology which purifies the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, airborne particles and odours.

It is also ultra quiet with operating sound levels of as low as 16dBA which means you can not only sleep soundly at night, but also with peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design
  • 6 Layer Filtration System
  • Inverter Motor
  • Dust and Odour Indicators
  • Ultra Quiet
  • High Airflow
  • Sleep Mode
  • Pollen Mode
  • Off Timer

These fuels are still popular for heating ducted central heating systems, boilers heating radiators, or in-floor hot water systems. Diesel powered condensing boilers are very efficient, and are popular for central heating in existing Dunedin homes.

These fuels are recommended more for large institutions such as schools and hostels. Davies specialise in the installation and servicing of coal and wood pellet boilers in many schools and institutions throughout the South Island.

Davies service all traditional boilers and central heating systems, from residential homes, to large commercial buildings, institutions and schools. We can supply a full range of central heating boilers, powered by diesel, gas, wood pellet, solid fuel, or coal, and have carried out many installations and repairs of boilers and central heating in the lower South Island.

All Davies staff involved with central heating are fully trained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers, and are fully qualified in the trade.


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