We know how cold it can get down here in Dunedin, which is why we understand the importance of having efficient and effective heating to keep you warm through the winter. As a registered dealer with a relationship stretching back more than 25 years, Davies is proud to suppy and install the most efficient and high performing heat pumps on the market: Daikin. With a broad range of Daikin products, you can trust Davies to find the right heat pump to fit your home’s needs, and your individual tastes.

Daikin Heat Pumps


Daikin Cora and Standard units are engineered for the modern home, offering a sleek, low profile design, as well as outstanding performance. With smooth curves and a high quality matte white finish, the New Daikin units integrates perfectly with contemporary bedrooms and living areas – and with whisper quiet operation, high seasonal efficiency, and superior comfort, you won’t even know the New Daikin units is there. The new wall mounted Daikin units provide the perfect solution for heating or cooling your home, creating a family sanctuary all year round, even in the harshest Otago winters.


The FVXS series is part of Daikin’s range of floor-mounted heat pumps. The key difference between the FVX and other Daikin models is of course its positioning: being located on the floor allows the heat pump to heat your room from the ground up. Since heat rises, this means that you will not experience cold or drafty spots at the bottom of your room like you might with traditional wall-mounted models, where the heat is pumped out high in the room and stays there.


The Perfera is a floor mounted heat pump engineered in Europe, with a modern design that blends in seamlessly with your home’s décor. The Perfera is unique among heat pumps as it features a radiant front panel, providing a feeling of comfort and cosiness that would previously only be found in a traditional radiator. Quiet, discrete, and contemporary, the Perfera is the perfect choice for the modern home.


Engineered in Europe, the Zena incorporates many of Daikin’s advanced features, including Wi-Fi connection for smartphone control. But where the Zena truly shines is in its sleek, stylish design, allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into any modern home, and is available in a silver finish or matte white finish.


Davies can also provide, install, and service multi-unit heat pumps. Multi-unit heat pumps allow for several indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit, allowing you to heat multiple rooms without needing multiple outdoor units. All interior units can be individually controlled, scheduled and set at the desired temperature, allowing you to heat different areas of your home as you see fit. Daikin offers two multi-unit systems, the Super Multi NX, which is suitable for up to 5 rooms, or the VRV IV-S, which can provide heating and cooling for up to 14 rooms, and is compatible with ducted heating systems.


Daikin’s ducted systems are the ultimate choice when it comes to heating your entire home. With the ability to be retrofitted into existing homes, or installed in new builds, ducted systems are perfect for those wanting a discreet heating solution, with only the controller, return air, and discharge vents being visible within your home. Daikin offers a range of ducted systems to suit the needs and physical restrictions of different homes, so you can rest assured that no matter the design of your house, Davies and Daikin have the solution for you.


If you suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies, then you may wish to invest in an air purifier, especially if your condition keeps you awake at night. With its advanced purification technology and ultra quiet operation, a Daikin air purifier improves the quality of your air, and your life. With a powerful 6-layer decomposition & removal system, Daikin’s air purifier helps eliminate bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, pollen & unpleasant odours.

Streamer Technology
Streamer Discharge is what makes a Daikin Air Purifier so effective. The Streamer’s plasma discharge of high-speed electrons activates oxygen & nitrogen molecules, rendering them capable of oxidative bacteria decomposition – one of the most effective ways to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould & allergens from the air. Daikin’s Steamer Discharge technology has a wider discharge range than conventional, glow discharge air filters, for an oxidative decomposition speed over 1,000 times faster, & is perfectly safe for your family.

A Sensitive Choice
The National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma Foundation NZ introduced the Sensitive Choice program to help identify products better suited for people who suffer from asthma & allergies. Daikin air purifiers are recognised by the Sensitive Choice program, reflecting their advanced technology & performance.


The Altherma heat-pump hot water infloor system is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system. At the heart of the system lies an air to water heat pump, which extracts heat from the outside air, raises it in temperature, and then distributes the warmth around the home through high quality heating units. The Daikin Altherma also now offers the option of the domestic hot water tank, which supplies your domestic hot water needs all year round, providing a total heating solution. The Altherma air to water heat pump is today’s answer to the current and future problems associated with conventional heating systems, such as increasing primary energy costs and a high environmental impact.


D-Mobile puts your air conditioners frequently used functions at your finger tips with an easy to use app. In conjunction with Daikin’s BRP072A42 wireless LAN adaptor, the D-Mobile app lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control your Daikin wall mounted air conditioning unit via Wi-Fi or the internet. The D-Mobile app is available for download free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.