In Floor Heating Dunedin

Generally found in new builds, a hydronic in floor system involves laying a network of pipes are underneath a screen, onto which concrete is poured to create the slab base for the house. A fluid mixture of water and anti-freeze is then heated by a central unit using either a Hot-Water Heat pump , Diesel or Gas Boiler and circulated around the house, producing a radiant heat that rises through the concrete slab and into the room.

Although it can initially be expensive to install, in floor heating is much more efficient than other heating methods, and provides a stable, uniform heat throughout a room, unlike other types of heating which can often produce cold spots or make the room feel stuffy. In floor heating is also very low maintenance, and can provide a substantial return on your investment through the savings it generates. Another benefit of in floor heating is that it does not take up wall space like radiators do, while the lack of circulating air flow minimises the amount of dust present in the air. In floor heating also improves indoor air quality as it does not dry the air out or circulate dust and other allergens throughout the home.